Complete Identity Protection with FirstReport




  • Monitor your Personal and Financial Information. Once you register your information online with FirstReport, we monitor activity on public, underground and black market websites to identify potential breaches of your personal and financial information.

  • We’re Here for You. Should you be the victim of identity theft, FirstReport will be at your side, taking you step by step through the sometimes daunting task of re-establishing your identity.

  • New Threats. New Protection. We are equipped to help you monitor a wide range of your personal identifiable information online, including email addresses, your Social Insurance Number, phone numbers, chequing and/or savings account numbers, your driver’s licence number and/or passport numbers.



  • Keeping An Eye on Your Credit Every Day. There are two major credit bureau agencies in Canada: Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. FirstReport works with both of these credit reporting agencies to monitor for certain activities associated with your credit file that may indicate identity theft and will alert you of the change.

  • Good Credit Ratings Require Vigilance. FirstReport provides you with an updated credit report every quarter. This critical management tool helps you maintain control of your credit standing by keeping you up-to-date and aware of changes to your file.

  • Your Credit Score Keeps You Informed. To help you make sense of your progress, your monthly credit score includes a month-over-month trending graph that allows you to track your movement across time. This ensures you know when you are improving and when you may need to alter your activity.



  • Opt for The Best of Both Worlds. With FirstReport-Advantage you get the benefits of identity monitoring plus comprehensive credit monitoring. This extensive coverage is offered by combining the benefits of FirstReport-ID and FirstReport-Credit.

  • It’s Your Identity, Keep It Safe. You receive a wide range of identity monitoring that includes personal and financial information monitoring and support, should your identity be threatened.

  • We Keep An Eye On Your Credit Information. We monitor your credit file every day for suspicious activity and provide a monthly score complete with a trending graph so you can make sense of your progress over time. Quarterly, you will receive a full credit report to inform you of your rating.

As New Threats Emerge, Our Monitoring is Evolving.

Monitoring the internet for your registered credit/debit cards.

Assistance to replace your lost or stolen credit/debit cards.

Anywhere access to your account with the D+H FirstReport App for iPhone®.

Credit score trending and credit report updates.

Monitoring the internet for use of registered personal information online.

Alerts to keep you informed of potential threats.

Guidance for identity restoration should you become a victim of identity theft.

Customer service assistance, so you’re never alone in case of an emergency.

Portable. Powerful. Protection.

Portable. Powerful. Protection.

We’ve made The D+H FirstReport App compatible with your iPhone®, so wherever, whenever, whatever the circumstances you have instant access to your selected FirstReport Plan.

Your Download Is Ready.

The D+H FirstReport App for iPhone® can be downloaded from the App Store® in moments. You’ll find it easy to use and convenient.

Get Your 30-Day Free Trial Now.

Credit and identity monitoring in one click.

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