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$ 12.99 Monthly + Tax

Monitor My Online Identity
View My Alerts
Lost or Stolen Notices
Restore My Identity

What is FirstReport-ID?


FirstReport-ID includes a range of identity protection services that work together to safeguard your most valuable personal information and payment cards, alert you to potential instances of fraud and support you during a loss or theft incident. You’ll also have access to the FirstReport Mobile Application so you can update your information from anywhere, report cards lost or stolen with a single touch, and have everything in your wallet wherever you take your phone.

What are FirstReport-Credit and FirstReport- Advantage?

The FirstReport-Credit plan provides you with a range of credit monitoring services; access to your credit report and credit score as well as alerts which keep you informed of significant changes to your credit bureau file. FirstReport-Advantage combines the benefits of FirstReport-ID and FirstReport-Credit into one plan. You’ll have access to a suite of identity protection services as well as a comprehensive credit monitoring solution.

I have more questions. How can I learn more?

You can find more detailed information about FirstReport on the Features & FAQs pages. If you have any further questions feel free to phone the FirstReport Assistance Centre at: 1-855-826-5328 or you can email us on:customerservice@firstreport.ca

How can I purchase a FirstReport plan?

You can just simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button above to purchase the product. Alternatively please call us at: 1-855-826-5328 and a customer service representative will be delighted to assist you in purchasing FirstReport-ID, FirstReport-Credit, or FirstReport-Advantage.