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Identify Threats With FirstReport


FirstReport can help through:

  • Vigilant Monitoring Of Your Identity. 3FirstReport monitors public, underground and black market websites for your email addresses, Social Insurance Number, phone numbers, chequing and/or savings account numbers, driver’s licence number and/or passport numbers. Should we discover a breach, we inform you via text and/or email, then guide you through the process of re-establishing your credentials.

  • Monitoring For Your Cards. 1Your credit and debit cards are the key to your financial safety, so we scan internet sites to determine if your card information has been exposed and alert you of the breach. If you choose to report the card as lost or stolen, we notify the issuer to place a block and contact you with the next steps.

  • Superior Credit Bureau Monitoring. 2We monitor your credit file with the major credit bureau agencies in Canada to help protect your identity. Should we detect certain changes in your credit file that may indicate identity theft we will contact you via email and/or text.


We keep you up-to-date on your credit status, by:

  • Providing access to your credit report. Now you’ll have access to your personal credit report from Equifax Canada, every quarter.

  • Keeping updated on your credit score. We provide you with an up-to-date credit score on a monthly basis to ensure you are aware of your credit worthiness.

  • Helping you understand your credit reputation. FirstReport-Credit and FirstReport-Advantage also provide you with a month-over-month view of your credit score, as well as information on how you compare against other Canadians so that you can understand your progress over time and your status, in context.


FirstReport supports you when you need it.

  • Wherever you go, keep us with you. Download the D+H FirstReport App for iPhone® and have your FirstReport account always accessible at your fingertips.

  • Guidance on identity restoration. In the event of identity theft, FirstReport provides a range of support options to help you restore your identity, including guided assistance and step-by-step support throughout the entire process.

  • Get help when you need it most. Should your credit or debit cards be lost or stolen, FirstReport will be there to guide you through the lost or stolen process, including notifying the card issuer to place a block on the card(s), and next steps for identity restoration.